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Walking along in the forest, I felt a cool breeze on my face and arms, as beams of sunlight pierced through tree branches and reached down to gently touch the pine needle covered path below. As I walked on, slowly, I became aware of a faint, low humming sound that seemed to eminate from the shadows of trees and shrubs off to the side of the trail. Quietly, I stopped to listen and the sound stopped. Slowly, I started walking again, and the sound soon resumed.  

I walked around along the path as it turned around a corner, and I continued hearing the sound, yet still there was nothing that I could see, and the low frequency of the sound made it difficult to pinpoint location.  

What was making this ominous sound? Was it following me? I stopped walking to look into the trees again and once again it stopped, as if it knew that I was looking for it.  

"Relax, stop trying to reach out to it, let it come to me," I said to myself.  Then I remember that I had earlier found an old beer bottle on the shore of the lake. I had been sitting, watching the late afternoon sun shimmering in the waves along the water, and spotted it on the shoreline. I had decided to pick it up the bottle, and carry it out of the forest, my little part to clean up our lovely planet and this beautiful lake...  

Suddenly I realized...the sound was emanating from the bottle as I moved it through the air while walking.  All the time I was trying to find out what the sound was and what mystery or meaning it might hold for me, and it turned out that I was the one making the sound, and further trying to create the meaning that it had for me. As I thought about it more...I wondered, "Isn't that always the truth?"


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